My name is Matt Clarke and I animate things. I've also been known to design the odd website. Check out my showreel and the sites I have made. If you'd like me to create something for you, just get in touch and I'll try and sort it out.

On another note, I have just completed writing my second novel. It's all about hackers, spies, cyborgs, and is full of action and excitement. If you're into thrillers, check it out on Amazon! It's called The Horizon Conspiracy.

A couple years ago, I wrote 'Lunaria.' It's about a boy and his dog, as they embark on an adventure with lots of action and ridiculousness. There's also a bit of fantasy thrown in for good measure. I think you'll like it, so take a peek, and maybe buy a copy. Or just read it for free on the blog. Details are all at